ShopmobilityShopmobility Northern Ireland (SNI) is there to support Shopmobility schemes throughout the province and be a vehicle of support and development, sharing best practice and helping them provide the best possible service.

Whatever your questions or queries, Shopmobility schemes in Northern Ireland are here
There are currently 13 Shopmobility schemes throughout the province, each of which is a separate charity set up by, and for, the people in the local area. Each is run by its own group of people with a committee, staff and volunteers with the simple aim of helping those people who find it hard to get around.

Whether it’s a short-term thing due to surgery or an injury; or if it’s down to something more permanent, Shopmobility schemes can provide manual wheelchairs, electric scooters, electric wheelchairs plus some provide rollators and walking sticks, all free of charge for daily hire.